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Default Re: AJA T Tap - sync all over the place

hey thats great news, and in fact why I went for T-Tap having heard the BM issues

confirm using DNxHD 36 - vids created by the free utility "MB_Convert2DNxHD_PT"

It was working, then it wasnt.

I tried trashing the prefs, no effect, reinstalled a few different AJA drivers.

went back to 14.02 as the memory requirements and machine specs are lower

things have improved a little, after I found some vid prefs it the prefs pain ( changed playback Latency to longest )

if I rewind as opposed to clicking on the time line. and wait a millisecond before pressing play ( and no preroll ). it *mostly* plays in sync..

not sure how to update the AVE - I'm on 11.3.2.

I was trying to download PE codecs from Avid, incase that was the issue - but wont download .

I might try ultimate, but then there's a whole lot of EUCON to update.. might screw me over if I want to come back to PT 11HD.

I might have to buy a 'new' mac - or maybe pick up a 2018 i7 I just saw on ebay - 32 Gigs of RAM, might wait for a 64 gig machine to show up...
i7 6 core mac mini running monterey 12.3.1 - 32Gig RAM SSD
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