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Default AJA T Tap - sync all over the place


I'm running PT11.32 on Hi Sierra.

WHen I first start working in a project all is well. even after importing 90 mins of OMF ( say 16 tracks worth of chequer boarded dialog )

after I have been editing for a week it seems that the video sync just goes to crap. have to rewind. wait half a sec then it may well play in sync..

memory is at 50% in system usage currently.. late 2012 mac mini i7 16 gig ( maxed out ) dual SSD - video on its own SSD.

protools Quicktime server says unresponsive in the activity monitor

I have tried every driver from 14 -15/5.3
i7 6 core mac mini running monterey 12.3.1 - 32Gig RAM SSD
Focusrite Saffire PRO 40
Ultimate 202112 / HD Avid MC Mix / MC Control

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