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Default Re: DIGI 002 Rack / Windows 7 x64 - Firewire bus NOT present

Case Closed !!!

I put the pcie card in a different slot and also this time I connected the "molex" power cable to the card . (It did not need that last one with the other pc) .

I have run Pro Tools 12 (on Windows 10 x64) on this computer and it worked actually very well for the purpose I used it for ; rec max 16 tracks of audio with no inserts during the tracking time . I also did some multitrack drum - tracking with a friend, who played / recorded guitar at the same time through an amp simulator - plugin ... and if I recall we were dealing with a very small latency ... not noticeable at all ; and the setup was pretty stable .

I've now installed Windows XP (so that the OS won't be such a burden itself) on this pc and it's running Pro Tools v8.0.5 LE .

as a quickie ... is it possible with Pro Tools 8 to rec enable / arm (mix -) groups as it's possible on more recent versions of Pro Tools ?

Thank You to all of You for your help around here .

- Z -
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