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Default Re: DIGI 002 Rack / Windows 7 x64 - Firewire bus NOT present

Originally Posted by Zergei72 View Post
I have a add-on pci firewire card on a eMachines / Acer ET1870 desktop pc.
Hopefully you mean PCIe not PCI card. Don’t know about this exact model of PC, you *might* have a single PCI slot and several PCIe slots… or they might all be PCIe

What *exact* card? Make/model. If it came out of a Windows 11 computer it very likely will be PCIe.

Having a card inserted in a correct slot, even without driver should cause some PCI or PCIe device to show up in the Device Manager control panel. Otherwise that card or slot is likely dead.

If the computer insides are dusty vacuum and/or blow all that out. Try reseating the board, try different slots.

If you are running Pro Tools: Low-end configs of ET1870 may be under-spec to run modern versions of Pro Tools. Hopefully you have looked at the requirements of what version you want to run and have a Pro Tools version compatible with Windows 7.

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