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Default Re: Eleven Rack and G major 2: help! (FX loop)

"Correct" has no meaning here, it is the wrong thing to pursue. Do whatever you need to create the tones you want.

You already know the G major effects cannot be separated. And you also already seem to know that you can move the FX Loop anywhere you want. The FX loop is mono in and out until the FX Loop is downsteam of a Stereo Effect.. if so you want to run a stereo pair of cables to G Major. If this is news to you, or even if it is not, open up the Eleven Rack User Guide and have a good read, it is very well written and contains lots of useful info.

It is common that reverb and delay effects sound good in a real amp's FX loop and that boost (well duh), distortion/fuzz (duh again), wah and some other effects sound best when run in front of the preamp section. But do whatever works best for you. The FX Loop is never exactly like a real amplifier (e.g. never sits between the amp preamp and power section). That's somethign interesting I'd have liked to have the Eleven Rack do, bu I'm not holding onto any hope of future enhancements. And note the warning in the User Guide about phasing/comb effects using digital effects processors (like you are) in the FX loop.

The Eleven Rack has some decent built in effects, one thing to try is to split the effects you want between the G Major and the Eleven Rack. Leave the effects there that work best in the G major and run the other effects in the eleven Rack either with the things like the Stereo Reverb plugin after the amp, and the FX/loop with G Major with it's mod etc. effects placed before the amp or visa versa. A huge number of permutations for you to play with. Play as well with FX loop level and mix controls as you do all this.
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