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Default *FIX* unable to locate m-audio hardware

After many months of searching on the internet and trying my best to make this program work. I finally found that the error is real simple to fix and its been right infront of me all allong.

Remember that audio adapter that came with your protools and keyboard? That wasnt given to us for no reason. You need to plug in your headphones into that adapter to make it work. I didn't think I would need it since I have a speaker system, but it is required. Everytime time I saw "unable to locate m-audio hardware" I kept thinking my midi is not being recognized, but all allong it was because the midi was working with Fruity Loops and other stuff. I kept thinking something from pro tools is not recognizing the midi keyboard.

Well I hope this helps everyone. Use that adapter that says M-Audio on it and the program should work flawlessly.
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