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Default Pro tools Carbon and ADAT

Hi guys

I'm currently undergoing a major studio upgrade and I'm hoping that it wont be too long before Avid develops a windows version of Carbon.

I understand that Carbon can handle 16 tracks of ADAT inputs along with its own 8 channels of Mic pre's.

I have a 16 channel analog mixing desk which I still want to use however my current AD/DA convert is a MOTU 24 I/O which uses firewire. I'm looking to replace this with something that can convert the tape outputs of the mixing desk into ADAT which I can then plug into the Carbon ADAT inputs thus only using 1 interface (I don't want to use ASIOforall and multiple interfaces).

I don't mind several interfaces as long as they are connected to Carbon and not directly to the computer.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Many thanks
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