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Default Some key commands not working in PT 11.1.2

I am New to this forum and is glad to be here. I have already been solving some issues by Reading useful threads here. Great forum!

I have upgraded from PT 10 to 11.1.2 recently.

My specs:
Imac late 2012 With i7 quad 3,1 ghz
8 gb ram
Mavericks 10.9.1
Mbox 3 generation With the latest driver for 1,9,1

I am not running PT 10 at the moment because of having upgraded to Mavericks.
Pro Tools is now running mostly without problems. Great performance and i think the 64 bit engine produce even better sound from plugins than With PT 10.

My problem:
Some of the key commands that i'm using a lot doesn`t work in PT 11.
The switch between Mix and Edit window, shift+ apple += is one of them.
When i hit the command i have to click the "window" first. Then the command Works. I have followed the recommandations for setting up the Imac for PT.

Anyone have any advice on this issue?

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