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Default Why does Pro Tools keep forgetting settings of the AIR Dynamic delay plugin?

I've started to have problems with Pro Tools not saving the settings of the AIR Dynamic delay plugin. All other plugins seems to work fine and settings are saved with the sessions.

Problem description: I open a new session, or an old one, and insert the AIR Dynamic delay plug and adjust the settings of it. I close and reopen the session and the settings are back to factory preset.

I've tried: Thrashing the settings folder. Automation is turned off for the channel, so I can't see that it could be that that messes something up.

I've been able to use the plug and save the settings earlier. I mostly do video sound, so I don't often use the delay plug -- not sure exactly when this started to be a problem.

What more could I check? Could it help to reinstall the plug?

I'm on Pro Tools 11.3.2.
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