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Default Re: Need advise on how to move forward from MP PT v7.4

Originally Posted by albee1952 View Post
This is likely to be a dead end, for a few reasons:
#1-M-Powered only works with M-Audio interfaces, which are pretty much to bottom of the barrel for quality
#2-all modern versions of Pro Tools require iLok(I do NOT recommend the cloud version of iLok except in emergencies)
#3-no old version of PT(M-Powered or regular) is going to work on an old OS or computer.
$3-you are not likely to find any current drivers for old M-Audio stuff(drivers being another weak point of the brand)

If someone is offering this stuff to you, I'd say thanks, but its just too old to use(the keyboard MIGHT work, but I remember hearing of issues).
1-The M Powered PT works with M-Audio, they sound better then a number of digi IOS.
2-M powered only comes with a iLok key., its what i have.
3-I think MP-PT V8 is the last version that requires using M audio IOS, after that it does not matter.

Drivers for any IO (Digi 001-002,Mbox etc) to work with PT12 can be found on this site

The PT 7.4 works fine on a 2010 iMac here but I can’t use new plugs and any sessions I open in PT 12 trial are then irreversible unless I create stems which won’t happen because older PT did not use wav files, but quality is not the problem, its forced obsoletion but it is what it is.

The answer i was hoping for was a upgrade path or some updates to improve the matter such as best version of OSS, Drivers, CPU etc
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