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Default In-App purchase not correctly labeled and not working


I purchased Avid Scorch and intended to buy the score for piano "Lento con gran espressione (Nocturne)" in Cis-Moll from Frédéric Chopin.

There are 2 problems now:

1) In the In-App-Store you have two items showing this title, so I purchased the first one - but it was for piano and violin, although the original piece was composed only for piano - and in your In-App-Store it was not correctly visible that it was for Piano and Violin. So, I purchased the second one - which was for piano and flute!! So I bought two wrong items, as they were not marked correctly in your store - please, provide me with the correct score for piano only and credit me the charges for the second one, or, if you don't have the original composition for piano only, please credit me both items.

2) Both of these purchased items don't open in the App "Avid Scorch". Other items (samples or free items) open correctly, but not the purchased ones.

Please let me know what to do, as I spent expenses for the App and the two In-App-Purchases which are not yet of use to me...

Thank you for understanding and for your help,

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