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Angry Re: Scorch won't open Sibelius files

Hi Mike, Scorch is very, very, very buggy! Not convinced 1.1 is actually an improvement and wish I could go back to 1.
I find, if a file fails to open, you can click it, and it will usually open the second time. However when you get that error message, the menu bar with play and everything isn't visible and you actually see the initial menu bar with things like store. However, the menu bar is there and you can play by clicking where you know the play button to be! Crazy.
I have reported this as a bug in another thread.
To reset scorch, try closing scorch by double clicking the black square button and when you see all the active icons with a red button, close it. I see someone from Avid is responding to some messages but not most of them. I was hoping that there would be an upgrade but its unlikely as they have our money and we are not important. I think they have a 6 month cycle.
I bought forScore and am now converting my files into pdf. One day scorch may work but until then forScore does most things and I just use Scorch when I need to play back a sib file.
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