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Default DM-24 Firewire card, 002r firewire audio I/O?

I have a Tascam DM-24 and am considering the firewire option card. Tascam says this card will allow the DM-24 to act as a 24I/O audio interface. It supports ASIO, WDM and Apple Core Audio drivers. My question is, do the firewire ports on the 002r accept audio I/O? Can I use the DM-24 as the interface for a 002r system? Or if not does anyone have any suggestions for a 24 track DAW recording set up? Motu hardware (PCI-Firewire/Outboard) or Nuendo PCi cards, and Nuendo 2.0 or Logic Pro 6? Or should I just get an Alesis HD24 and be done with this computer based nonsense? Any suggestions would be helpful, I'm caught in between capitalist proprietary crap and my own ignorant purchasing.
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