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Default MOVE LE 8.0.3 to a new computer with Windows 7?

I installed LE 8.0.3 on a small machine some time ago. I read that LE8 will run under Windows 7 so I bought a laptop with 8G of memory and 1T of disk space. I cannot run the installation program (setup.exe) on the new machine - it just stalls. I downloaded the upgrade to 8.0.5 and tried to install it on the new machine (with fingers crossed) but it said that it couldn't find a valid version of PT. Right!

It doesn't do me any good to upgrade on my small machine. I refuse to spend more big bucks to buy PT 10 when LE 8 meets my needs.

Does anyone have any idea how i can move LE 8.0.3 to my new powerful Windows 7 machine?
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