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Default Re: Venue SC48 and Pro Tools LE

Justin I understand what you're saying. I think that you'll have to count the cost all the way up the line. Depending on what you're planning to use, the MADI option could price you out of what you can afford also.

I have no idea whether or not the Live Sound guys are working on their own version of the firewire interface, or if Dave Lebolt would even let them. I do know that they've been hearing it regarding the track count limit since the FWx card was released in '05, and I'm sure that it has only gotten worse since LE track count in PT8 went up to 48 channels. I also know that it is a serious concern to Sheldon and some of the other guys, but some priorities are out of their hands. Hopefully now that the SC48 is out they will have time to concentrate on some of this stuff that is still kinda hanging around.

Being that I also come from a church I do understand the need to make sure that you're being a good steward of the tithe that your church receives, and I do understand the budget fight because we spec'd a D-Show at the '04 AES show when no one had even had the chance to hear one. Hopefully whatever direction you go in your thoughtfullness and thorough planning will bless your congregation.
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