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Default Re: Venue SC48 and Pro Tools LE

Originally Posted by Roland Clarke View Post
The Mixrack system with protools HD 2 retails at $39,000 RRP, I'm usre street would be around $30,000. If it's that important to have the extra tracks. Arguably for the sake of training volenteers they don't need the full session, just a few channels for overview, plus a few nursed through shows. As you may know I'm a great fan of the Venue, however, it's flexibility and power would be seriously problematic for people who don't have a good knowledge of live sound, unless you strip the sessions down to a few group faders and basic funtions. By the very function of it's quality, it's not beginners kit.


$39k is list for just the Mixrack. Add the HD64 bundle and it's $55k, which unfortunately is well outside our budget, even if street price is $45k or so.

As for the rest of your comments, believe it or not I'm familiar with my own needs and my volunteers. And "a few channels for overview, plus a few nursed through shows" is not as effective a training tool as a more extended period of training and practice when I want to teach a volunteer to mix a full band. That's been our approach until now, and it gets us by, but I've been hoping to revolutionize that process. I want to give them the opportunity to *practice* - to try things, to make mistakes, to learn, and to *mix*, without the immediate pressure of a live audience, or a band that's getting tired of playing just for the sound guy. But yes, I need the full session to do that effectively.
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