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Default edit window & timecode freezes intermittently

While recording audio and video (mojo, sync with house vid ref and timecode) occasionally the edit window scrolling and timecode window will freeze for about ten seconds and then pickup with apparently no problem with recording. Typical sessions are 1 to 2 hour recording sessions. Anybody else see this issue and or how to keep my heart from stopping when this happens? Generally using page scrolling mode. System limit is set to 2 hours. No other apps open. Very clean system. Setting BWAV 16 bit 48Khz. 8 to 22 tracks.

MAC OS 10.4.3 8 gig ram
G5 dual 2
PT 7.1 (3 -192 & sync IO)
Internal 250 drive ( not system drive) for video
3 (120 gig GLYPH drives for audio)
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