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Default Mix Window Freezes but Edit Window works fine.

I have learned a lot for you guys already by reading the boards, Thanks!

Now I am having a problem that I could not find the answer for.

I recently Recorded a Choir Concert for my school, I just set the mics up and let run, the concert lasted about 70 min. I had no problems getting a good recording. I Seperated all the regions by song and the exported regions as files. I then opened a new session for one song that I could work on individually. So I imported the file(s) to track, and added a Master fader.

The Edit window is working fine as far as I can tell, but when I switch to the Mix Window the faders are all frozen as soon as I try to move a fader, pan, or add an effect. They remain frozen, but the song continues to play.

The orignal session was recorded at 44.1 16bit
And when I created a new one I used the same settings.

When I did this same workflow with a piano recital it worked just fine.

Was something wrong with my workflow?
I could understand if my 70min session hung up, but I am now working in a 3 min session with only 5 tracks right now.

Here is my gear
PT 7.0
Sweetwater Creation Station Dual 3.2Ghz 1Gb RAM 250GBHD @ 7200RPM (basically made for PT by Sweetwater)
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