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Default Re: Couple more questions.

There's bound to be an improvement when the change to Intel is implemented..... A great deal of the reason that the move from the IBM chips has happened is that the rate of speed increase of chips has slowed dramatically - mac were hoping to have a 3GHz G5 last year! I would imagine that the basis of the deal with Intel is to guarantee that processor speed returns to it's inexorable upward trend.... (after all, how else are mac going to keep selling new units!)

As to whether that means you should wait till then (probably early 2007 before machines are available, and all the bugs are ironed out in applications like PT), well that's a different matter. I'm of the opinion that there's never a good time to buy technology - it's always going to be superceded pretty quickly... The only measure should be "What do I need now".... If you can afford a 2.7GHz G5 with at least 4MEG RAM now, then get it - if you need it. It's as fast as you can get at the moment, and you'll be able to run tonnes of plugs and Virtual instruments. But whatever happens, it will be superceded eventually.... If you can get by at the moment then by all means carry on, but if you wait for the next best thing to come out...... well, there's always something new coming out....!!! The time to make music is NOW! Buy what you need now....
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