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Default Sound Replacer-Stereo?

I just bought Sound Replacer for my HD Accel system (yes I wish Drumagog was available for PT) and I can't get it to print stereo files.
The version is 1.7 and the addendum manual states that to print a stereo file in Sound Replacer just select the .L side of a stereo split file and all should be well. The source track is a mono kick drum. The replacement sample is a split L+R file. Stereo is selected in the plug. I choose the .L side of the file. Damned if I can get it to work. I select a stereo audio track as the destination and SR just prints the one side of the stereo file. Both sides of the file DO reside in the same directory and I've tried WAV and SD11 formats.
I even exported the file out of PTools to make sure there was no voodoo with the sample rate or bit depth. I exported as multiple mono.
I noticed that the resultant file was named Kick.L.SD2. I thought this might be the problem so I tried removing the SD2. That didn't work either. Got me stumped...........and 4 hundred bucks out of pocket.
Any suggestions?

Phil Buckle
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