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Default Re: How do I best connect these?

I have never used any of those pieces, but I'd assume you have the converters connected to the adat optical inputs of your 001 and are clocking the 001 to that optical clock, right? Well, if you connect the word clock generator to the converters (and configure them to lock to it), then the 001 will subsequently be locked to it as well. Basically, your clock flow would be word clock generator > AD converter > 001 Optical. If that generator has an S/Pdif output, you could also connect it there instead. In reality, it's not whether the clock sounds better than the 001's internal clock, but whether it's better than your AD's clock. Congratuations on your purchase. Please let us know if you love it. Be a man and tell us if it's not any better too!!

Hope that helped.

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