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Default How do I add 2 HD\'s to Session8?

I have a external Seagate 1.2 HD working fine on the SCSI_DSP board which was set up with the original version 2.01. I have upgraded to ver 2.5 (PC) with the 2.0 Formatter and have initiated the drive fine.

I want to add a 9 gig Seagate Medallist ST39140W but the Formatter will not recognize the drive at all. I formatted it and partitioned it on another SCSI card to see if the Formatter would recognize it, but it doesn't. I am running Windows 3.11 and tried upgrading to Windows95 to see if it would be better recognizing the drive. I get a error code from Windows saying the DIGI8TRK.SYS driver is running in real-mode (DOS) which is not giving good performance. Is there an updated protected-mode driver for Windows95?

Also I tried a Seagate Barracuda 3.4 gig SP34300W which is on your compatability list for drives and the Formatter doesn't recognize it is there either.

What is the procedure for installing another HD to the Session 8??

Thanks for any help you can give.

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