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Default Re: 2.8GHz Quad-Core with D-Show Profile for live recording?

Originally Posted by soloan View Post
Digidesigner, Thanks for the reply.

I am not the FOH engineer for the show. So you are right, I will have to rely on the FOH guy heavily.

It seems there is no compatibility problem on the latest Mac Pros with Protools, right? So it doesnt matter if I buy the lastest one?
No, no check the Pro Tools Mac section of the board, I see a bunch of people having problems with the new computers. But I haven't really looked into this too much so please do your own reading and see what would be the safest machine. If tracking is the only work this computer needs to do then get the most stable PCIe machine as even an G5 would handle the job running at only 5% or so. I'm not suggesting you to get a G5 but just to let you know there is very little for a current computer to do while recording so there is no absolute need to have the most current machine.
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