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Default Problem with MobilePre Line INs, PLEASE HELP

(beforehand sorry for lame english, its not my native language)
I hope Im writing it in the right place of the forum.

2 weeks ago I bought M-audio MobilePre interface. I already had POD GX and I wanted to stream my music to my friends in realtime with great quality (thats why I bought this card instead of using Line input in computer internal card) Im using GX for DAW, and MobilePre catches my DAW output and records it via Line Inserts.
And here comes the problem.

My output from Pod GX goes via 1/8 cable to 2 big jack Line inputs in Mobile Pre.
Instead of stereo sound I get mono! I know that two big jacks have Left and Right channels and I checked that TWICE.
So when Left channel goes to 1 Line IN, and the Right channel goes to 2 Line IN I recieve MONO output on MobilePre on my headphones with Direct Monitor function.

I BEG YOU FIX THIS or make some driver option to make 1 and 2 Line Inserts able to split and make Stereo output signal.

I really like this card and I don't care about some freezes or other bugs that happen all the time, but I will have to sell it and buy another one If I won't be able to get a stereo signal : (((

Beforehands thanks for attention.
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