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Default Pro Tools 7.4 closes itself after Bounce to Disc

Fortunately, this isn't a problem I'm having, but my best friend (who often asks me for help) is.

I just walked him through the process on the phone, and the same thing happens every time:

He performs a Bounce to Disc (using the .mp3 option). He selects "Convert After Bounce."

Once the bounce is complete, Pro Tools shuts down. Unfortunately, it also loses any changes he made to the session since last doing a Save. (Although the auto backups seem to be there.)

Every time, he Bounces to Disc, Pro Tools shuts down. And in so doing, it doesn't prompt him to save the session, as it normally would if you were doing a Close Session or an Exit before saving.

Has anyone seen this? Any ideas on how to fix it?

One other thing...

When he does bounces to disc using the .mp3 option, it not only creates the .mp3 file, but it also creates two .wav files (he's on a Windows machine), as it would if he were doing the "Multiple Mono" option (which he's not). But when he opens these .wav files in Windows Media Player, there's nothing in them.

Very strange.

Can anyone help?

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