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Default Re: 192 on tracks 25-32 No Sound On input

Thank you for your reply and your help. I will answer your questions below:

There are 3 and the 3rd 192 has worked till now.

All cards and loop sync cables in all three 192's are configured correctly.

I swapped the input card because some of the channels were making noise and when I pasted audio into channels 25-32 the output card plays normally in pro tools.

I recently got a hearback system that requires switching the outputs to digital while using the 'lightpipe' so I have been switching back and forth from analog to digital on these channels. I would suspect this but then why does digitest Not See the 3rd 192 at the primary port attached to the first accel card as it should be with three 192's running 32 tracks?

Though I'm capable, I agree that I don't want to start testing voltages and go 'down the rabbit hole' on this thing.

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