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Default PTHD 8, Vista ultimate 32, Crane Song Phoenix problems

I've had this problem since day one with PT8, and I haven't heard complaints from anyone else. I tried writing to Crane Song, and never got a response.

Is there any one else out there getting errors when trying to load multiple instances of the Phoenix plugins? I've tried a few different motherboards/chipsets, and the problem seems to exist no matter what. So I'm sticking with my recently purchased Gigabyte ep45-DS3L. Probably not the best MoBo for a pro PC, but I really don't feel like going back to my old p965 Foxconn and reinstalling everything, since I just did another fresh install of the OS, drivers, and PT8 last night. My first test of PT 8 after the fresh install was to create a session with 24 tracks, alt-insert Dark Essence, and after one plugin loads, I get a -1 error stating that i don't have enough dsp. After a restart, I have no problem loading up my entire HD2 Acel with stock digi plugins, but as soon as I try to load Phoenix, it happens again. I've tried a few other 3rd party plugs without any issues.

Everything works fine with XP, and I even tried widows 7 with success, but 7 brought other issues like frequent BSOD's. Does anyone have a solution?

I really only want to use vista for media center. I know.... my PT rig should only be used for PT, but I very rarely work at home, and figured I could make use of my computer that just sits there most of time. I guess I'll continue to dual boot for the time being. I'm just hoping to be able to leave my computer on all the time to act as an ftp/media server for my home, and be able to lauch Pro Tools to do some work now and then without a reboot.


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