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Default Apogee Symp.MKI + HDX –Missing Outputs-

Are there any Apogee Symphony MKI + HDX users:
• I have a Apogee Syphony MKI (16 In x 32 Out) that I've been using with the Apogee Thunderbridge with PT Vanilla and finally upgraded to a new HDX card with PT Ultimate on Big Sur 11.4 (MacPro trash-can 12-Core + AVID PCIe Exp.. Installation was fine installing the Apogee drivers and the MKI showed up on the first launch.

• However, PT only gives 16–outputs (also displayed in the OSX Audio window) but only passes audio through 1–8. 9–16 have no audio output and 17–32 are not available at all.

• Hardware setup shows under Peripherals "HD I/O #1, HDX #1, Port 1 Exp. Main-Tab shows only 1–16.
– Is this the limitations at this point with this 3rd-party interface or am I missing something.

Many thanks for any advice.
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