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Default Re: Pro Tools freezes when opening sessions

I got it working again!

I found a list from Digidesign of all the possible prefrences- then i trashed all of them and it solved the problem. I am surprised that the uninstall did not remove them! I miss the old days where they put all of this stuff together in one folder and there was none of this multi-user crap...oh well

just for reference they are:

-Trash Pro Tools preferences Go to Users > “your user name” > Library > Preferences and trash DAE Prefs, DigiSetup.OSX and Pro Tools LE 6.0 prefs. Then restart the CPU.

-For all Mounted Hard drives trash Volume.ddb files: Located In MacHD (and other mounted HD's) > Digidesign Databases > trash volume.ddb

-Trash Databases Folder (If present):
Located in MacHD > Library > Application Support > Digidesign > trash databases folder
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