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Default setup. Ideas please

Hi, quick question. Im looking into setting up a protools studio centered around a 24 mix system for mac. Im wondering if anyone could share thoughts on setup. I went to a high end dealer of protools who told me I have no need to use a mackie 24/8 as for a mixer and pre and told me to look into an eight channel pre like a presonus m80 or digimax. Heres where my question comes in. If the my system only allows me use of 5 plug ins how do I EQ my tracks when they exceed 5? Is a mackie a good alternative to buying thousands of dollars of pre's for eq? I guess Im trying to get an Idea on other peoples set up in there own studios. and what you may recomend for someone looking to set up a studio on a limited budget, but plans on building upon their basic setup.
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