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Default HDX - can i run 2 Aurora 16s and an Avid HD 16x16?

I'm looking at the upgrade and i understand there's a max on the I/O of 64 per HDX card. My current system is 2 x aurora 16's each running emulating 2 x 192's and then i've got an additional 192 on another card.

I can't find any definitive info on how the HDX card splits the outputs on it's mini digi connectors. Is each one configured to 32/ i/o? So if I bought a new 16x16 with my HDX card , connected that to the first port, and wanted to connect an Aurora 16 in 2 x192 mode that would presumably mean i'd have to use a second port - and presumably this would mean no more interfaces? And at best i'd have to run the next aurora only in 16 channel mode and connect to the same first port as the 16x16?

In addition, if you are running the latest HD interfaces and the older blue/ or lynx HD is the problems with delay comp as supposedly the newer interfaces have a much shorter round trip?
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