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Angry Pro Tools M powered freezes repeatedly with M audio fast track Ultra

Hi guys

I have bought Pro Tools M powered 8 in 2010 and M audio fast track ultra also in 2010, both from local authorised stores. However, Pro Tools keeps freezing every half hour and it appears to lose connection with the hardware. If I exit and restart Pro Tools it works fine for about 20 minutes and the same thing happens again. I checked the M audio update for faulty fast track ultras but they say that serial nos with 6th digit as 9 should not be having this fault. Maybe they got that wrong?

Anyway, both my products should be covered under warranty of 1 year but when I check on Avid website, apparently I have to spend money buying ASCs to get any support online, according to a new rule as of Dec 19, 2010 even while my products are under warranty - sounds to me a violation of EEU warranty laws....Avid are you listening??? Pls help??

I have tried everything - from simple solutions like toggling count on/off, various transport settings to checking playback engine settings.....all to no avail.....sometimes the stop and play button on the transport lights up together and the Pro Tools freezes, and at other times I get a DAE error (-9073)....I am operating on Windows XP Service pack 3 with Intel T2400 processor and 1.83 Ghz and RAM of 4GB, so that should be alright, all other softwares seem to run fine on the system....any help anybody???


Yes, I forgot to add that I get another DAE error sometimes - it is no -6001

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