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Default Re: Acer Aspire 7720Z - DIGI 002 Rack

Originally Posted by EGS View Post
Get a modern rig. Move on. Life is short.
Indeed! For Pro Tools, everything about that laptop is under-spec'd, especially for 96K recording. Since you have everything, you may as well dive in, but I suspect the first thing you will need to do is drop down to 48K(given the "quality" of the 002, this is not going to be an issue). A 5400 rpm system drive is probably going to be adequate, but there are several possible bottlenecks here, such as:
1-slow cpu. 1.46GHz dual core is no powerhouse.
2-4GB of RAM is the dead minimum for running Windows.
3-USB port speeds; are the USB ports USB1 or USB 2? USB1 will be too slow.
4-USB drive; what are the internal specs? Some are 5400 rpm which is too slow.

If cash is tight, download a copy of Reaper and give that a go. It has much lighter system needs, and its free to try and cheap to buy($60??).
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