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Default REFLEX-PRO-X out now

Finally after decades of waiting and endless delays of release schedules REFLEX-PRO-X is alive and kicking...

Short Overview video:

Main features are:
  • 4 true stereo delay channels with inter feedback and input routings
  • 3 effect slots for each channel
  • 4 delay modes featuring enhanced feedback options and extended tap mode
  • 4x4 feedback matrix for complex feedback networks
  • more than 20 selected customizable effects with countless combination possibilities
  • Extensive modulation options
  • LFOs, Trancegates as modulation source as well as...
  • Envelope followers for ducking and dynamic effects
  • Modulation logic
  • Master FX section
  • ...and more

You can get the demo version from the REFELX-PRO-X product site. ...check it out! I hope you like it!

Soundexamples: Some sounddemos here

There's an introduction offer lasting the next two weeks. You can grab it for 69.-€ instead of 89.-€!

Cheers, Stefan

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