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Default Re: Really Pro Tools 8

Thank you J. Freak and Albee. J.Freak, there are files labeled .dpm. in the plug-in file that you told me to go into. So if I have any plug-in's in the future, they belong in this file, correct? But this version of Pro Tools only takes RTAS?
Albee, So Pro Tools is working great, not sure if I have that update, is there any way to find out? I have a dedicated hard drive (320 gig) just with Pro Tools on it and I use an external for the music.
I bought the Arturia Midi Controller that comes with 5000 sounds. Can I play this keyboard with its sounds in Pro Tools? If so , how? Also, on the keyboard there is a small section where I can control the DAW (pro tools) Does anyone know how to make that work. Major bummer with Arturia, no 800 number, totally sucks. Thank you everyone. Help if you can.
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