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Default Re: Clearing out empty space at the end of a session

Originally Posted by arneyz View Post
This is a problem I keep running into. I think maybe it happens when I scroll out too far, but the size of the session ends up being on the order of 90 minutes.

I'm not talking about my bounced files. Just the size of the session window. I've attached a photo to illustrate. You can see my session occupying the first millimeter or so on the left end of the window and then there is just an open universe of like 5000 bars. The problem is when using things like tab to transient or simply truing to scroll to the end of the session, I can overshoot it by a lot and end up confused and wasting time scrolling back into the session and finding my spot.

Is there a way to clear this empty space so that my session window is of reasonable size again?
If you go to Setup -> Session - then choose SESSION LENGTH and make it 06:00:00:00 (the minimum allowed by Pro Tools.

Unfortunately you can't have less than that.
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