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Default Re: cascaded send and plugin menus overflow offscreen PC

Originally Posted by bassmagnetic View Post
when I click on a send to select a new routing (or plugin to select a plugin) and the menu of all the send routings (or available plugins) is displayed, they overflow further than the screen, so it is not possible to see the list in order to choose a routing. If I use the arrow keys the cursor will go off screen but the list doesn't scroll.

There used to be a small arrow at the bottom of the visible list so that I could scroll, but now this isn't there, also mouse scroll wheel doesn't work on the list.

This behavior has been happening over a few PT versions. I'm currently on 12.6 and using a PC win8.1. The displays are correctly setup within the os.

Anyone know any workaround?
What is your screen res set to? How many pixels high?

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