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Cool Re: pause when play/record

same problem. very very annoying. sure glad im not recording a band,
that would be fatal good old hardware buttons.

i changed from logic to my new protools 9 about 1 month ago and besides of a few crashes everything was ok so far.

now this strange problem occured. no play. no nothing. just the bling bling no matter what i do.
i have a newer black MBox and even the new Protools 9.0.2 Update. Still not working. A new blank Session is playing but if i open (from there on) the Sessions that worked just yesterday, they dont.
Tried the IO default. didnt work. I read of this Problem with dates long time ago already in earlier versions.

As i tried to change the Buffersize, and then back again, Protools completely hangs and does nothing even after 15 Minutes, so i have to interrupt it manually. The whole Session actually acts pretty strange. As i tried to remove Plugins it was taking wayyy to long. somethings wrong..
looking forward 4 the true solution..
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