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Default Re: Q for Jeff. Master Module Channel Strip on S4

Originally Posted by EddieJones View Post
The S5 and the S5MC both had this but only 2 layers deep.
The swap will be great for post, when you're layouts are setup nicely - like the system5 - but more.

Also from the system 5... Copy/Paste Strip..(l/r buttons) which was in the ICON..(plugin setting - modifier + sel / BMP) Must needed for Post. After being on the s4 for the past month, this morning premixing from home on my DCommandES - I find myself missing this feature on the s4 - at least with the ease of which it was implemented on the ICON.

Not to hijack - but this euphonix feature needs to be carried to s4/6 as well.

Thx for all you do guys!
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