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Default MTRX Studio Headphone Out - no sound

I have gone through the manual and the forum and haven't found anything that is helping me diagnose my problem. I have DigiLink channels 1-2 routed to the DA Headphone (19-20) and can see signal on the Monitor output on the MTRX and on the headphone channels in Dadmon... the Headphone icon is green and I can turn up the volume.. but no sound (tried two sets of phones - both of which work - on Headphone Out 1 and 2). What am I missing????

Pro Tools Ultimate 2019.12, macOS 10.15.3, MTRX, MOM, HDX 2, Mac Pro 7,1, 2.5 Ghz 28-Core, 384GB RAM, Accelsior 4M2 SSD
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