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Default 003R drivers required to use as external pre?

Hi all-

When I got a new computer last year and upgraded to PT2021 I had to put my old trusty digi003 rack (FW400) out to pasture. Is there any way to use it as an external mic pre going forward? That is, are the old (now-unsupported) drivers required for it to work, even as an external pre going to my current interface? Was hoping to be able to use S/PDIF or ADAT (or frankly, whatever works, if anything). I'm not holding my breath, but if anyone can shed light, I'd appreciate it.


PT 2021.7
MacOS 11.6.1 Big Sur
2020 MBP 16" (MacBookPro16,1), 2.3 GHz 8-core Intel i9
16GB DDR4 2667MHz RAM
Lynx Hilo converters
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