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Default Techy Venue Parallel Comp/Delay Compensation Question for you experts

Hey all,

Working a festival this weekend which I believe either has a Profile or SC48 at FOH. I'm trying to spice up my show file with some parallel compression.

Been mixing the band's multi-tracks and I've gotten the best results from having a parallel Snare track, a parallel vocal track and a parallel Drum bus.

In my showfile I currently use Variable groups. Everything in my show is routed to one of 4 stereo groups I've set up, which are all outputed to the L/R. Nothing is routed to more than one group.

My routing for the parallel's is as follows:

I set up 1 mono (Snare Parallel) and 2 Stereo (Drum Parallel and Vocal Parallel) Aux (not group) channels.

I placed a plugin on the bus-out of all 3 of these aux channels. Which I then returned on a Channel Strip. I bussed the Snare Parallel track to the Drum Vari Group and the Vocal Parallel to the Vox Vari Group. However I bussed the Drum Parallel directly to the L/R (I didn't want to fight the dry drum comp)

I send my Snare top and Snare Bottom channels to the Snare Parallel Aux and the Drum Parallel Aux, and they are assigned to the Drum Variable Group. All my other Drums are sent to the Drum parallel Aux and outputted to the Drum Variable Group.

I have plugins inserted on all of my Variable Groups.

Now my issue here is obvs phasing. I've heard delay compensation won't help if there's double bussing. I think the only thing I'd technically be double bussing is my drum parallel (but would that issue be solved if I just set the output of that to the Drum Vari Group?). I have an align track set up. Was going to try and mess with this file a bit beforehand. But can you experts help me out if you see any obvious red flags?
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