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Default Re: Old firmware for Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar?

Originally Posted by unkJE View Post
This page only offers the latest firmware download:
However, you could click on the “RAISE A TICKET” button and request older firmware downloads

Or send a message requesting older firmware downloads from the base of this page:
Thanks very much for looking. I've been to all those pages. I did eventually manage to get a direct email address and I'll see where that gets me. There are a number of 404 errrors on the Sennheiser website that pop up when you try to register products or get support. It really is a mess.

I've also used the SmartControl app for a while. There are lots of places to noodle around with absolutely no online help for any of the parameters. Like the website, it's a lot less friendly than it could be.

When working at full steam, this soundbar really sounds very nice. Just needs some more attention at the support end. But again, thanks for taking the time to snoop around on the website.
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