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Default Re: Can I go Guitar>Pedals>DI XLR out to Eleven Rack? (using Mic input for guitar)

Thanks for the response you are not understanding me correctly.

I am thinking about building 2 pedalboards... ONE smaller pedalboard with essentials with a Radial JDV at the end GOING TO XLR IN OF THE ELEVEN RACK, and ANOTHER PEDALBOARD with the Eleven Rack with tons of Effects in the Loop.
NOTE: This would be easy for me because I could leave the pedalbaord with the eleven rack and effects loop at home, while taking the smaller board with me for small gigs with the radial jdv.
It would be really easy for me if I could go Guitar>small pedalboard>Radial JDV XLR out to Eleven Rack mic input. That would connect the Eleven Rack via Mic input and make life easy. Would there be in any positives or negatives to doing it that way?
I am not using both guitar input and mic at the same time.
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