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Default OS held of interrupts for too long...

I keep getting a message saying that the os held off interrupts for too long, it always happens in the middle of my recordings. it says to raise the hardware buffer to allieviate the problem. i've got my computer running at 85% and when i raise or lower it to any of the buffer rates, it still happens. what do i do to my system (PC, 2.0 gz) which is new, in order to stop this.

using: protools LE 7.0, gateway platinum edition laptop, mbox 2, oxygen 8 midi controller (usb port), studio projects condenser (input 2), guitar (input 1). Everything is new!

plus, sometimes when i record, my sound randomly cuts out, im not sure how to run plugins in order to avoid this, do i use aux tracks or what?

Please don't give me a link to a big forum to fish out answers, i need direct help, someone please.



PS. im new to recording...
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