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Default Connection Issues with MTRX Studio

I have some sort of a connection issue with my MTRX Studio which I received a month ago. I'm using a MacBook Pro (macOS Catalina) and connect to the MTRX Studio using an ethernet cable and a ethernet to USB-C dongle. Similar issues on my Mac Mini as well.

Whenever I switch on the MTRX Studio, it doesn't always connect reliably to the computer. The ethernet port lights don't turn on (I've tried both ports). It takes a couple of rounds of rebooting the unit and/or the computer for it to finally light up and connect. It then shows up in DADman correctly. Once connected it functions properly for hours.

Is there some issue with my unit or is there some sort of start up sequence to be followed? When I received the unit, I did update the firmware I believe.

Anyone else with similar problems?
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