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Default Re: Edit Window Scrolling / Page or No Scrolling"

Originally Posted by DAW Dogg View Post
I've been searching & even tried to create my own shortcut for changing the edit window scrolling. Normaly update the waveform view 'page' at a time is fine but when zooomed waay in it's a bit No Scrolling is preferred. However hitting all of these buttons in sequence is annoying toooo.

Options/Edit Window Scrolling / Page or No Scrolling"

Is there a way to set a 'macro' button sequence' like the cheap DAWs have been doing for years (if not decades) . There must be a way the world's best DAW can do this...

BTW ...nice duck pix at top ;-)...that's a nice a duck !
Personally, I do it with Quickeys (indispensable for Pro Tools), but as the previous poster pointed out, you can also do it with OSX keyboard shortcuts.


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