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Default Re: Installing from - "Setup.exe Application" or "Avid Pro Tools Windows installer"?

All my downloads of PT software come as rar. I make a new folder(named for the exact version of PT) on the desktop. Then right-click-drag the rar file and drop on this folder and choose the "Extract Here" option. Assuming I have already uninstalled the previous version(along with the HD driver if that option is shown), I open the folder and find the setup.exe file and double-click it to install.

While uninstalling the previous version is not always required, these days, its still the best practice(and sometimes it IS required and people fail to read the notes).

Also, if you don't have it, go to and buy their "Trasher" app(its a bargain). It makes trashing prefs and restoring settings much easier than without(especially if you have a complicated system like my old rig with 64 IO)
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