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Default Re: Licensing support issue= Can't Load Avid Support Portal! It's blank

Drew- thanks for your reply. I did manage to start a case with Avid via a different support page, one just for authorization and registration issues. But the answer I got didn't really answer my question. Can you please help me understand-

Avid support told me:

"If you are talking about the Upgrades license, that doesn't hold anything. I would also like to inform you that you have already activated your updated license which is the Pro Tools Perpetual Bundle license. You can download, install and authorize Pro Tools 12.6.

The installers are all available on your Avid account, and your iLok key is good."

On 12/4/16 I purchased a one year renewal for my PT subscription. So shouldn't that extension, until 12/14/17, be reflected on my iLok asset titled: "Pro Tools Plan?" Right now it still expires on 12/14/16. It remains unchanged since I purchased my renewal.

There's no expiration in the asset: "Pro Tools Perpetual Bundle (10/11/12) (4)," which does makes sense- it's perpetual. So why is Avid support telling me that that license has been updated? How could a Perpetual license reflect my annual upgrade subscription?

I'll be most appreciative for any explanation how the new licensing plan works, and how my iLok assets should reflect this. Thanks again.
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