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Default Licensing support issue= Can't Load Avid Support Portal! It's blank

Hi folks-

I'm trying to contact Avid about a licensing question for my Pro Tools subscription, but whenever I try to load the Support Portal page by linking from my Master Account page, it just shows up as a blank page (only the Avid Support Header appears, no content or contact info). The other Support pages load fine but I can't seem to contact them since I can't start a case at the portal! I've tried in multiple browsers, all from Mac 10.10.5. Any idea what's up?

(In fact the entire Avid site has been super slow to load and buggy for days!)

Here's my issue- maybe someone can help with this?

On 12/2/16 I renewed my PT Vanilla Annual Subscription from the store, but my iLok account still shows that my license plan expires on 12/14/16. It should be extended to 12/14/17- that's what my Avid Master Account says, but doesn't my iLok asset also have to be updated?

I'm still running PT 12.5, so I'm not ever even sure I got the 12.6 asset.

The link in my Avid Store email from my purchase just takes me to the download page- there's no indication of how I get my iLok asset renewed.

Why are they making this so hard? Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks.
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